Suzuki hits 2 dingers, A's avoid Boston Massacre

Atleticos 9, Smelly Sox 8: Kurt “Didn’t know you had so much power” Suzuki hit two homeruns (No. 6 and 7) and the Atleticos avoided a Boston sweep Thursday despite 18 hits by the Smelly Sox. Oaktown had 14 hits of their own and four total homers, including back-to-backs by Jack “Cussed” Cust and Kevin “Krazy Koz” Kouzmanoff. But the win may have come with a price. Sophomore pitcher Brett Anderson, who has been injury-riddled this season, left the game Thursday with a sore elbow (the same sore elbow that landed him on the DL) after just pitching two innings. He just returned May 29, where he blanked the Detroit Tigres in 5 2/3 innings (1.88 ERA in five starts). The A’s have high hopes for him this season. Hopefully this isn’t another trip to the DL (Doctor’s Lounge).

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