Malian steals U.S. Soccer's glory

The most hated man in America

2010 World Cup: U.S. 2, Slovenia 2: Usually I don’t give a crap about soccer…except when a Malian interferes with U.S. progress. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday in U.S.’s contest with Slovenia. After falling behind 2-0 at the half, the U.S. stormed back, tying the game then driving home what should have been the winning goal. But referee Koman Coulibaly, in a moment that will live in infamy, called a foul on the U.S. When pressed by the stunned U.S. players, he didn’t even give an explanation or say who the foul was on…probably because there was no one he could have called it on. The replay is ridiculous, as the only players that went down were on the U.S. side, with the exception of a sliding Slovenian. I usually don’t give any credence to the notion that referees call the game based on who they want to win, but in this case it’s hard to argue the call wasn’t malicious. The referee could very well be banned from the rest of the tournament, but that doesn’t make the call any easier to ignore. The U.S. still can advance if they beat Algeria next (as well as some other scenarios, as highlighted by our friends at If they don’t, however, you may see Obama declare Mali a terrorist nation.

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1 Response to Malian steals U.S. Soccer's glory

  1. Your Worst Nightmare says:

    U.S. soccer will prevail!

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