Alex Smith ready to lead the Niners?

Alex Smith gets made fun of while Shaun Hill laughs and Crablegs looks on in disgust

Reportedly 49ers QB Alex Smith is making progress on the football field, if there can be anything taken away from recent practices. Ya, I know, we’ve heard that before. But Alex did show some signs last year (at this point if he’s a decent QB, as in Trent Dilfer circa his Baltimore years when they won the championship, I’m happy with that). Michael “Crablegs” Crabtree caught a pass from Alex in the last practice…hey, there’s a sign. And Coach Mike “Koopa Troopa” Singletary has been so pleased with the team in general he’s given them some days off. From the Koopa’s mouth himself:

“That was the goal starting the offseason, putting the pieces around Alex to allow him to execute, to allow him to play, having some people to block for him, having receivers do their job,” Singletary said. “I think we did that. We feel we can compete (offensively) now and win any football game that we play.”

Is it just me or does that sound like “If we have an outstanding team around a horrible player, maybe he can’t screw it up too much?”

Dilf is probably cackling to himself right now. Here’s a tribute to Dilf, for no apparent reason, accompanied by his favorite love song.

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