Dubs trade Corey Maggette

"Milwaukee huh? I hate my life..."

A day after completing a meaningless trade, the Dubs traded forward Corey Maggette Tuesday in what is, more than anything, a cost-cutting measure. The Dubs traded Machete Maggette to the Bucks for seven-year guard Charlie Bell and eight-year center Dan Gadzuric, both who don’t appear to be very good. But a day after trading down in the 2010 NBA draft for cash, the Dubs are clearly looking to put a cheaper team on the market for when they decide to sell before the 2010 season begins. Maggette was a polarizing figure while with Golden State for two years, a highly efficient scorer (19.8 PPG last season on 51% shooting) who did little else (5.3 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 0.7 steals, 2.4 turnovers). It’s a move that draws an “eh.” How many “eh” moves will the Dubs execute this offseason as they look to sell the team? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? There’s your answer. Don’t expect an improved team this season Dubs fans. Andris “Bieds” Biedrins is rumored to be the next salary dump, according to our friends at goldenstateofmind. The Great Ray Ratto lamented on the move.

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7 Responses to Dubs trade Corey Maggette

  1. Your Worst Nightmare says:

    How will the Warriors ever get better?? please answer me that

  2. Your Worst Nightmare says:

    and then 5 years, don’t forget that important piece to the puzzle…time

  3. denmoney says:

    WOW awesome job Riley you got rid of a contract your stupid ass never should have SIGNED IN THE FIRST PLACE DUMB ASS. If I was an NBA owner I wouldn’t want Corey Maggette on my team for free. He was the anchor of the CLIPPERS for years and they were terrible. SELL. ASS.

  4. ryrud says:

    denmoney, your comment has been flagged as (im)mature…please refrain from using such words as ass, dumb ass, Larry Riley, and Corey Maggette in the future…thank you for your cooperation

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