Bengie Molina traded

Bengie pointed to the crowd as he exited the stadium, but no one pointed back

Well, it’s finally time for Bengie “Fat Panda” Molina to leave. We’ve always suspected his time was coming-it was just a matter of when. Los Gigantes traded Bengie to the Rangers Wednesday for Texas reliever Chris Ray and the always-elusive “player to be named later.” Finding out who the hell Chris “Ray-Ray” Ray is (who appears to just be another arm to throw into the bullpen) is less important than what trading Bengie away means. Gigantes brass finally decided Bengie’s offensive skills had declined to the point of no coming back, but what this really shows is they are already comfortable with Buster Posey’s skills offensively and, more importantly, behind the dish. He will now be a full-time MLB catcher. Don’t put too much on the young man’s shoulders jeez. Apparently he’s been scouting out hitters while playing first base lately-an encouraging sign that shows he is always thinking (something not all Gigantes do). Good luck Buster, and if you could get our collective pitching out this rut, it would be much appreciated.

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