Gigantes roll over Ubaldo, make him more baldo

Kawasaki rounds the bases as Ubaldo wonders how much hair he has left

Gigantes 11, Rockmen 8: Gigantes win for the first time in eight games! Wow, who coulda seen this coming. After getting swept by the Dodgers and losing the first two in Mountaintown, our beloved Gigantes came back in a big way Saturday. Los Gigantes offense exploded with their second-highest offensive output of the season, torching NL Cy Young frontrunner Ubaldo Jimenez for seven runs in six innings. All runs against Ubaldo came in the third inning, when our Gigantes, out of nowhere, went berserk, highlighted by benchman Travis “Kawasaki” Ishikawa’s grand slam. Huff Daddy Watch: Huff Daddy clobbered his 15th homer of the season, a two-run shot in the ninth that separated the Gigantes from the Rockmen. If you aren’t a fan of Huff Daddy yet, let’s face it, you have probs…Throughout this losing streak Huff Daddy’s done all he can with bomb after bomb. He also reminds me a little bit of former Warrior Troy Murphy: Before he launched la pilota in the ninth inning, Rockmen fans were chanting, “Aubrey…Aubrey.” When he got back to the dugout after the homer, he wobbled his ear with his finger (as if to say “can’t hear ya now”), then shrugged, and brushed them off with his hand-I’m not kidding, he actually did this. It was vintage Troy Murphy and I hope it to be vintage Aubrey. He also drunkenly said the F-word while drinking a can of beer after the Gigantes got swept by the Dodgers (video was deleted by shortly after, but it was hilarious)

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