Dubs new starting small forward: Dorell Wright

Dorell developed a unique ability as a child to turn a bball silver with his touch

The Dubs reportedly reached a deal with former Miami Heat small forward Dorell Wright Saturday, agreeing to pay him $11 million for the next three years. The signing will likely be Larry Riley’s last big move in the offseason and solidifies the starting rotation. The notes on Wright: believed by some to have a second level offensively he hasn’t reached yet, widely regarded as a supreme on-the-ball defender (something that is non-existent in Warrior Land), he can jump high and dunk, he’s developing a 3-point shot, and he was very good friends with Dwyane Wade. The question marks: he’s never played more than 25 minutes per game in his first six seasons with the Heat, he shot 38% from downtown last year, is he good enough to be a starting small forward? Oh ya, and he also was arrested for drunk driving last year and racy photos surfaced of him on the Internet machine. A good sign: Miami wanted to keep him but decided to use their money for some guy named LeBron James and San Antonio also reportedly wanted him, which means he is coveted by a front office that actually knows what they’re doing. The bad news: we have two Wrights on the team now, which might confuse management and Nellie. Our projected starting lineup as of now: PG-Stephen Curry, SG-Monta Ellis, SF-Dorell Wright, PF-David Lee, C-Andris Biedrins.

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4 Responses to Dubs new starting small forward: Dorell Wright

  1. Sleepy Freud says:

    Awesome pick up! We will win 50 games and be a 5th seed! LGW!!!!!

  2. ryrud says:

    Thanks Venom322! Good to know!

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