Ekpe Udoh to miss six months

Ekpe will turn to modeling on his down time

Whenever there’s good news in Dubs camp, there’s bound to be some bad news that follows…that’s just the way our world works. After reports surfaced Larry “The Oracle” Ellison was close to buying the team, new reports emerged that first-round draft pick Ekpe Udoh now will most likely miss six months with a torn ligament in his left wrist after an incident working out with bodybuilder Stephen Curry earlier this month. The early projections were four to six months, but Allah has spoken: we will have no defense for six months. I wonder what “The Oracle” sees in our future: probably something horrific. The Oracle can see the future, but no matter what steps he takes to change it, there are forces beyond his control in Warrior World (my inkling is it’s the ghosts of Adonal Foyle and Mike Dunleavy Jr. that still haunt us to this day).

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