It's a great time out

It is reported that Larry Ellison is close to buying our Golden State Warriors. Sure I could post the picture of Larry eating a hot dog like every other warriors blog, but this is a picture of a car he had made, just to show his baller-ness. I think it shows how much money and passion this dude brings to the table. If I had three wishes (ok maybe five), Cohan selling the Warriors franchise would have been one of them. This is more than a dream come true. Larry has all the makings of becoming Jerry Buss Part 2, and making our franchise legit; perhaps even too legit to quit. The announcement could come as soon as today! Like for reals guyses! Yep

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1 Response to It's a great time out

  1. ryrud says:

    If “The Oracle” makes the same face when the Dubs are underperforming as he does eating a hot dog, he will surely scare them into picking up their game

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