Gigantes get robbed by homeplate umpire

Everytime I hear "Couscous" in a restaurant I'm gonna throw up

Mets 4, Gigantes 3: The Gmen weren’t supposed to win this game. Apparently homeplate umpire Phil “Couscous” Cuzzi felt the same way Sunday afternoon. After falling behind 3-1 heading into the ninth, our beloved Gigantes stormed back Sunday, capped off by a pinch hit two-run single by Travis “Kawasaki” Ishikawa to tie the game. Three plays later, Freddy Sanchez hit a slow roller to Mets third baseman David Wright and he fired it home. Kawasaki clearly made it home safe on the slide and sprang up with a look of triumph. Unfortunately, on his way down Couscous called him out and he landed in a squat with his hands over his helmet and hopped up and down like a Super Mario Bros enemy. Bochy argued, spraying tobacco juice all over Couscous, but to no avail. The Mets scored a run in the next inning, and it was over. As the saying goes, if you don’t know an umpire’s name, they’ve done a good job; if you do, they’ve screwed up royally. Couscous the food will forever be tainted for Gigantes fans.

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