Golden State Warriors: Top-7 Pick Would Save Joe Lacob

Cat fight!

We’ve heard it all before: “We’re just a first-round pick away from the playoffs.” “All we need is a legit center.” “NEXT year will be our year.”
Warriors fans have come to realize such talk is generally rubbish. We’ve had plenty of lottery picks throughout the years, with nothing to show for it but one playoff appearance in 17 seasons (going on 18).
But this year’s crop of talent is truly special. The Warriors aren’t going to get Anthony Davis if they finish in the bottom seven and keep their draft pick, but they have a shot at numerous talents, including a lights-out small forward in Harrison Barnes or another big man like Connecticut’s Andre Drummond. A top-seven pick this year, combined with the first-rounder from the San Antonio Spurs, would position the Warriors for a transformation.
New owner Joe Lacob has heard his fair share of criticism this season, particularly when he was booed at Chris Mullin’s jersey retirement ceremony. I can still hear the boos cascading down upon his helpless little head.
It didn’t help when Lacob promised playoffs this season. Even the most insane people in the world know that is a bad thing to promise. Perhaps he didn’t know the history of the Warriors organization, perhaps he didn’t think our fan base would hold him accountable or perhaps he still thought he was part-owner of the Boston Celtics, thinking David Lee was really Kevin Garnett and whoever is starting at point guard these days was Rajon Rondo.
Why do people scoff at losing on purpose? What does winning the final 10 games or so do for the Warriors? And don’t give me that “building for next season” crap, I’ve heard it before. People, the next season isn’t for months. I’m pretty sure that “momentum” heading into the season has worn off by then.
We need a top-seven pick, we need two first-round picks. Heck, I’d take 10 first-round picks if it was possible.
Joe Lacob’s time is already running out in the Bay Area. He doesn’t do something soon, we may mistake him for the insufferable Chris Cohan.

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