HELLO BAY AREA SPORTS FANS! Welcome to Dark Side Of The Bay, or as we affectionately call it DSOTB. If you want Bay Area sports news and commentary written from the fans’ point of view, you’ve come to the right place. We ponder about many things here…like, was there a government conspiracy that led to the Warriors trading Jason Richardson for THIS GUY in 2007? Or, was Melky “Milky” Cabrera really on roids or was it just an erroneous report that came from deep within a Royals organization that traded him to the Giants for THIS GUY? Or, what does Jim Harbaugh do on his free time? Does he laugh? Does he cry? We will also have an ongoing commentary on our favorite Bay Area sports writer, Ray Ratto of CSN Bay Area…all our comments about this mustachioed madman of a writer are driven by a deep respect for him…even if we kid…so join the discussion and let’s have some fun.


One Response to About

  1. Your Worst Nightmare says:

    Speaking of another look alike. Mr. Lincecum looks just like Ted from Bill & Ted’s adventures

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